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signs and Shrines


The Countryman Press
March 2012
$19.95 (Can. $23.00)
978-0-88150-908-3 6 x 9
256 pages


Paperback, color photos throughout In Signs & Shrines, New Mexico insider Sharon Niederman presents travelers and pilgrims with a discriminating overview of sacred sites, festivals, retreat centers, and more, the information gathered over 20+ years of study and research.

You’ll find 13 itineraries through the state that will have you exploring such sites as Chaco Canyon, the Gila cliff dwellings, and Roswell. Information on compelling spiritual features of the landscape; how to take part in a variety of pilgrimages, ceremonies, and rituals; and listings for retreat houses and contemplation centers where one may go to repair one’s soul, rest from the world, and seek peace—these and much more are offered here, along with suggested places to stay, eat, and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, golfing, and rafting.


New Mexico Tasty Traditions

New Mexico's Tasty Traditions
recollections, recipes and photos

by Sharon Niederman


*Silver, Travel Book, Western Chapter, Society of American Travel Writers
*Finalist, Cookbook, New Mexico Book Awards
*First Place, Cookbook, National Federation of Press women


New Mexico Magazine
ISBN 978-1-934480-05-2
11"' x 8", 127 pages, soft cover, color photographs

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New Mexico Magazine (

Take an armchair tour of New Mexico cafes, ranches, festivals, home kitchens and farmers markets through the eyes of veteran food-travel writer Sharon Niederman. Her colorful photographs and lively tales showcase the people and places that reveal the state's varied and venerable culinary roots. Recipes peppered throughout the book will tempt you to create your own tasty traditions. New Mexico's Tasty Traditions is a gift to treasure for your own kitchen bookshelf or for anyone you know who loves New Mexico.

New Mexico's Tasty Traditions ( New Mexico Magazine, Dec., 2010) is her tenth book, and the fourth she illustrates with her own photos. Her debut novel, Return to Abo (University of New Mexico, 2005) based on stories she collected from New Mexico ranch women, was a finalist for the 2006 Willa Award for contemporary western women's fiction. Two of her books have received the Border Regional Library Award for "literary excellence and enrichment of the cultural heritage of the Southwest." She is a 2010 recipient of an Historic Records Advisory Board preservation grant. This grant is being used to preserve and make accessible the previously unseen documents and images of the history of Northeast New Mexico that she discovered in the Arthur Johnson Memorial Library in Raton, notably, concerning Lucien B. Maxwell and the Maxwell Land Grant.

"While my new book, New Mexico's Tasty Traditions, has some wonderful recipes for beloved New Mexico dishes such as enchiladas and bizcochitos, it also offers ways of preparing lesser known traditional dishes like authentic Dutch oven cowboy specialties. It goes beyond 'red and green' to encompass the traditional cuisines of the many cultures - mining, Native American, homesteader - that have flourished side-by-side here. I've spent at least 15 years gathering not only the recipes, but the material for the essays on the various creative ways New Mexicans live on the land and nourish themselves and their families," Niederman says. Mexico: An Explorer's Guide

by Sharon Niederman

The Countryman Press
$19.95 (Can. $22.00)
6 x 9, 384 pages, black & white photographs, maps

"This New Mexico edition of the Explorer's Guide series hits the Land of Enchantment's highpoints as well as a few back-road favorites. In addition to listing such guidebook standards as outdoor activities, lodgings, and festivals, this one includes categories for quiet delights, such as farmers' markets and wineries. Handy icons point out family-friendly activities and lodgings that accept pets. Niederman excels at finding quirky lodgings and shopping destinations, but, unlike other guides, hers doesn't suggest itineraries: it's probably best used while exploring a predetermined destination than while wandering about. "

— New Mexico Magazine, April, 2009

The Santa Fe & Taos Book:
Great Destinations: A Complete Guide, Seventh Edition
Seventh Edition — Fully Revised

Sharon Niederman

Countryman, Woodstock, Vermont
April 2006, 296 pages, paper
ISBN-10: 1581570287
ISBN-13: 978-1581570281

"This guide to Santa Fe and Taos is the most comprehensive on the market... it doesn't leave a stone unturned... travel tips are always trustworthy and on the class..."

— Jon Bowman, Editor, New Mexico Magazine

Return to Abo

A Novel by Sharon Niederman
Named a 2006 Willa Award Finalist by Women Writing the West

University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2005, 303 pages, hardcover,
ISBN 0-8263-3720-1

"Sharon Niederman's first novel has the makings of a New Mexico classic…[It] is sure to satisfy readers…Reading this novel is like the return to a place that may have changed but, like its inhabitants, still keeps its heart."

— New Mexico Magazine, August, 2005

A Quilt of Words
Women’s Diaries, Letters & Original Accounts of Life in the Southwest, 1860–1960

Sharon Niederman

Johnson books, Boulder, CO
1988, 220 pages, hard cover
ISBN 155566-047-9

“Sharon Niederman has made a wonderful contribution to Southwestern history. A Quilt of Words gives us the voices and the memories of the women who lived that history — full of nostalgia, sorrow, joy and loss — rich with those intimate details of living which make history come alive for me”

Tony Hillerman

Hellish Relish
Sizzling Salsas and Devilish Dips from the Kitchens of New Mexico

Sharon Niederman
Photography: Eduardo Fuss

Tuttle Publishing, North Clarendon VT
1994, 91 pages, paper
ISBN 962-593-529-0

“Filled with some great salsa ideas which pay tribute to New Mexico. She captures the spirit of its people, their personalities, and their chiles”

Mark Miller, Aurthor of The Great Chile Book and Coyote’s Pantry, owner of Coyote Café — Santa Fe, and Red Sage — Washington DC

Shaking Eve’s Tree
Short Stories of Jewish Women

Sharon Niederman, Editor

The Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, New York
1990, 279 pages, paper,
ISBN 0-8276-0369-X

Shaking Eve’s Tree is an anthology of short stories by contemporary Jewish women writers, many on mother-daughter relationships. The stories are powerful, moving and beautifully written, with sophisticated wit and complexity.

Where is the experience of being Jewish, female and American recorded in literature today? Sharon Niederman sought out the fiction that would answer that question.

Selected from over 400 stories, the seventeen in the book echo a major concern in a larger sphere of Jewish women’s fiction: they deal with healing and new ways to form relaionships within the family. The women in the stories share a longing to return to their Jewish traditions, but they also want to be accepted for themselves as they are now; the resulting inner tension is at the core of their lives.

Living Treasures
Celebration of the Human Spirit
A Legacy of New Mexico

Text: Sharon Niederman & Karen Nilsson Brandt
Photography: Joanne Rijmes

Western Edge Press, Santa Fe, NM
1997, 192 pages, paper
ISBN 1-889921-00-9

“This book, like the remarkable people it memorializes, is itself a Living Treasure.”

Tony Hillerman

New Mexico Poetry Renaissance

Editors: Sharon Niederman & Miriam Sagan
Foreward by Robert Creeley

Red Crane Books, Santa Fe, NM
1994, 224 pages, paper
ISBN 1-878610-41-4

“D. H. Lawrence found this place wonderous, and Cabeza de Vaca long before him cried to witness its enduring peoples adapting of painful necessity to the newcomers. Echos of all the voices are here, the entrepreneur’s, the old survivor’s. The mountains, the fragile, surviving rivers, the vastness of sky, distance of mesa, sun, sudden wash of rain, cold and heat — these too echo. Just as one will see traces of the sea that once covered much of this ground, language here carries its own history and habit, speaking its persons with vivid and local authority”

Robert Creeley

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